Build Your Dream Game Luncher!

Are you leading a thriving gaming community with multiple active servers?
Keeping your players in the loop and ensuring they stay updated can be a challenge.

Our Work Process


Project Consultation

Personalized per project consultation where each game launcher is uniquely crafted to align with your specific requirements


Project Planing

Together we plan your game launcher, focusing on every detail to ensure a seamless and engaging gaming experience


Project Execution

where we bring your game launcher vision to life with precision, efficiency, and technical expertise

Why Choose Us

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Designed for Windows™

Arcusis is a native Windows desktop application.
It is fully compatible with Windows 10™ and Windows 11™.

Our platform leverages the latest in technology to ensure smooth, reliable operation on these versions, offering users a seamless and intuitive interface. While Arcusis may operate on other Windows versions, our focused commitment to excellence is exemplified through our official support and continuous updates for Windows 10 and 11,

Game Engine Support

Arcusis is Universally Compatible with All Game Engines – From Unity to Unreal and Beyond. If It Runs on an Executable, Batch File, or Custom URI, Arcusis Can Launch It Seamlessly

Patch System

Arcusis file-by-file patching keeps your user’s game files up to date at all times with just a few clicks.

Secure By Design

Arcusis comes with Advanced Encryption, Ensuring Superior Protection Against Unauthorized Access and Breaches

Privacy Focused

A Tracker-Free and Cookie-Free Application, Prioritizing User Privacy and a Clean, Uncluttered Experience